Interesting alternative thinking regarding laws on MD'ing.
    Was searching for out of state detecting rules, laws and such for my summer trip and ran across this page that makes a guy think about how to approach city, county or even state laws.

    I'm not for or against the idea, but interested in the logic behind the view.

    What are your thoughts here?
  • PaulPaul May 2013
    That article was too long.

    My approach would be simple. Google it and if I don't find something quick, do a Youtube search for metal detecting in the state I wanted to visit & ask some of the youtubers about the laws in a private message.

    It may not be the best answer, but it would ”seem” that the best people to ask aren't the ones in charge, but the ones in the field.
  • INSAYNINSAYN October 2013
    Why can't more cities be this clear regarding Metal Detecting in their parks?

    Easy peasy!

    "Metal Detecting Rules

    Metal detecting is allowed in Hillsboro parks, but the following rules must be observed:

    Remain respectful of others’ space and privacy at all times. Do not interfere with or disrupt other park users and/or activities. Metal detecting in designated playground areas is prohibited when children are present.

    Probing the ground is limited to the use of an ice pick or screwdriver-like tool with a maximum blade or shaft length of 6 inches, or a knife with a blade under 3 inches in width.

    Any area disturbed MUST be returned to its previous state and the ground surface carefully leveled and returned to its original condition as much as possible (leave no trace).

    The cutting of vegetation is prohibited as is the tampering with or moving any park equipment or fixture.

    Any item found of unusual value should be treated according to the “Rights and Duties of Finders and Owners” defined in Chapter 98 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. Such items found within Hillsboro parks should be reported to the Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department (503-681-6120) so it can be returned to an owner who may have reported the item lost.

    If you find an item of potential historic or cultural significance, leave it where you found it and contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

    All federal and state antiquity laws must be observed.

    Any trash or debris generated by metal detecting activities must be removed from the park or properly disposed of in a garbage can within the park."
  • McClod November 2013
    Sounds like they want us to report the good finds so they can go get them but we have to pack out the trash for them don't it!

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